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Marine Fenders


Maritime equipment is expensive and needs to be protected from impact. Our marine fender products help at the dock.

Cylindrical Marine Fender Cylindrical Marine Fender
These marine fenders are normally used where tidal conditions exist and flexible mounting is desired. They are usually suspended on a chain or festooned.
Rectangular Marine Fender Rectangular Marine Fender
Normally used where rigid mounting is desired. These marine fenders are widely used on tugs and on harbor structures where tidal conditions do not exist.
D-Shaped Marine Fender D-Shaped Marine Fender
Our D-Shaped marine fenders offer high energy absorption required for service vessels. Designed for solid mounting and complete coverage.
Wing Type Marine Fender Wing Type Marine Fender
Designed for vessel mounting. These marine fenders combine the impressive energy absorption capabilities of a cylindrical design with the convenience of wing mounting.
Trapezoidal Marine Fender Trapezoidal Marine Fender
These marine fenders are used with or without timber facing where the dock or vessel is unable to withstand large reaction loads.
V-Series Marine Fender V-Series Marine Fender
The V-Series marine fenders are used with timber to achieve maximum cushioning. The timbers distribute the load while the fenders absorb the energy.
Extruded Rubber Bumper Extruded Rubber Bumper
Extruded bumpers are most often used on loading docks, parking garages, marinas, tow trucks, trailers, and other heavy-duty vehicles.

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